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Body as a landscape - dance workshop in Norway

Body as a landscape

24th – 25th August at Huser Gård in Nes, Akershus, Norway

We will start from a sensitive work, aiming to deepen our understanding of body functionality. This will unable us to be more conscious about it and find more freedom in our movements. We will then involve those sensitive bodies into explorative improvisations, triggering creativity through simple tasks and imagination. This will lead us to generate physical material, which we will ultimately use to create short choreographic compositions. Alone, in pairs, trios … or even as a group. We will work on organic movements related to nature, evoking shapes, texture qualities, rhythms and dynamics. Not imitating Nature, but rather embodying it, and looking for an expression from within ourselves. The body thus becoming a landscape.

Claire Hurpeau is a French dancer and choreographer based in Strasbourg. From 2010 to 2012 she trained at the Bewegungs-art professional education Dance School in Freiburg, Germany, developing skills in New Dance, improvisation and performance. Her work, rooted in New Dance field, has been nourished from different practices, such as somatic technics, contact improvisation, butoh dance and theatrical clowning. Since some years, she has been immersed in movement and dance research, aiming to develop her personal body language. With the body as artistic material, she is always curious of investigating an organic way of moving. Ecologist in the heart, she integrates her love for Nature in her work. Along those years of research, she has been created several short pieces with her first long piece Polymorphosis in 2018. Claire likes to share her work by teaching to very different people: from children to adults, from beginner to professionals.

Practical information: The workshop is open to anybody who is willing to dive into a creative process, whether you are professional or just starting with dance. Each will invest in the given tasks, starting from where he/she is and considering his own abilities and limits. The workshop will be held in English. Maximum 15 participants. Schedule: Saturday 14 - 20 Sunday 10 – 16 (presentations at 15 for those interested) Price: 500 kr for whole weekend Sign up: Overnight possibilities: A - on the floor in the barn (bring sleeping bag/pad) - in gapahuk by the riverside - price: 200 NOK incl. breakfast.

B Beds in nearby facilities: - double room 600 kr - single room 750 kr - breakfast 100 kr During day you can either bring matpakke or we can serve lunch (150 kr) How to get there: You will find Huser Gård at Huservegen 120, Fenstad in Nes, about 50 minutes drive from Oslo. Bus/train: From Oslo you can either take the train (L13 Dal) to Jessheim, and from there a bus (440 Fenstad) to Fenstad kirke. Or you can take the train (R11) to Eidsvoll and bus (441 Fenstad) from there to Fenstad kirke. Huser Gård at the end of the Huservegen, a 1,5 km walk from Fenstad kirke. Transport:

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